"The Land of Rising Sun"

Keith Emerson's New Piano Piece
Written For The People of Japan

Keith Emerson "The Land Of Rising Sun"
Watch: "The Land of Rising Sun"
Keith Emerson "The Land Of Rising Sun" V.2
Watch: "The Land of Rising Sun" 「日出ずる国へ」
Alternate Version With Japanese Translation of Keith's Message

Keith Emerson composed a message and music for the people in Japan on March 11, 2011 - the day the monstrous earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan. It was recorded on the same day as he watched the nightmarish news footage of the event.  

This video is offered free of charge for download. Keith asks everyone to donate to Japan and other disaster stricken areas of the world instead. Thank you

Keith expresses his sincere sympathy to those who lost their loved ones, and to everybody who is affected by the earthquake.

キース・エマーソン(エマーソン、レイク&パーマー)は2011年3月11日、イギリスにて日本での東日本大震災と津波のニュースを見ながら, 日本の皆様の励ましにすこしでもなれば、とこの曲を作曲し、同日に録音しました。このビデオは無料で提供されております。キースはその代りに、これを見た方々に日本へ、そ して世界のあらゆる災難の被災地への寄付を呼びかけております。


"The Land of Rising Sun" 「日出ずる国へ」
Written and played by Keith Emerson on March 11, 2011

Video and translation by Mari Kawaguchi
Photo of gas tank explosion on Tokyo Bay by odysseygate.com
Photos of Keith Emerson ©Mari Kawaguchi 2011

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